The Last Iteration is currently my only published novel. While I was careful to end it so that it can stand on its own, it is part of a larger trilogy. Here are some (lightly spoilerish) descriptions of what comes next:

The Last Iteration

A protagonist who doesn’t want the job. A rebel who can’t pick her battles. A tyrant who would rather die than rule. 

Stolen away from a world cleaved by a slow-burning civil war, seven strangers find themselves turned loose in a shifting white labyrinth. Someone wants them together. Someone wants them to struggle. And someone is watching.

Book Notes and Other Background Information 

The Cost of Loyalty

Back in the world and armed with a set of alliances that no one outside can possibly be aware of, the survivors of the labyrinth have to decide what they can sacrifice to put to rest the war they've lived with for half their lives.

A Pivotal Flaw

It's impossible to measure the worth of a single life, but when Elise inadvertently learns the true value of seven lives, she will do anything to set things right.